TOPSOIL derivedfrom the countrys prime arable soils

Each year, British Sugar receives over 300,000 tonnes of soil, with the 7.5 million tonnes of sugar beet it purchases from UK farmers.

Working in partnership with growers combined with developments in harvesting and loading machinery has led to a reduction in soil tares in the UK by more than half in the last 15 years. The UK has the lowest soil tares and the highest delivery standards in the EU.

This improvement benefits the environment, and not just by minimising soil erosion at the farm. Transport of soil with the crop is also reduced, so saving energy and road congestion and reducing soil handling and treatment at the factories.

The soil received with the crop is recovered and marketed under the brand TOPSOIL. Over the last fifteen years TOPSOIL has established itself as the largest supplier of quality topsoil in the UK. Sold primarily into the landscaping industry, TOPSOIL is ideal for shrub planting, seeding or turf laying. TOPSOIL is also widely used in restoration, civil engineering projects and sports ground construction.

All soil received is used in productive applications and around half of it is returned to agricultural land to replenish stocks and provide textural benefit. This ensures that this valuable non-renewable resource is used in a sustainable way, contributing to UK and EU soil protection strategies.

topsoil being unloaded from truck