our vision
To be the world’s most competitive sugar business.

A message from our Managing Director

Our business has been making sugar for over 100 years and today we are one of Europe’s leading sugar producers – maintaining a reputation for quality, integrity and professionalism through strong relationships with our growers, people and customers.

We are proud to partner with over 3400 farmers who grow sugar beet for our factories. We turn their crop into sugar that is represented in the leading brands of international food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we supply high quality products, supported by best in class service. Our people remain at the heart of our success and it is their passion and commitment that ensures we continue to remain competitive.

While sugar remains central to our activities, we have evolved our operations to ensure we use all our raw materials as effectively as possible. We have a successful portfolio of downstream products, which utilise 99% of the outputs from our sugar making process; these products include bioethanol and electricity.

I firmly believe that our business is well placed for the future and this is reflected in our vision to be the most competitive sugar business in the World, one that is able to compete successfully in a global marketplace. This will only be possible by working in partnership with our people, growers and customers to deliver a successful and sustainable future.

Paul Kenward
Managing Director, British Sugar

Richard Pike - MD