LimeX, managing soil acidity

Each year approximately 300,000 tonnes of liming material is produced by British Sugar's factories, as a co-product of the sugar manufacturing process. It is marketed throughout the country under the LimeX brand, and sold primarily to agriculture for soil pH management. 

LimeX provides a sustainable option for soil pH correction, significantly reducing the volume of limestone and chalk that would otherwise be quarried and crushed for agriculture and other lime markets, thereby supporting the government's objectives encouraging environmental recycling.

British Sugar is the largest supplier of liming products to UK agriculture and the LimeX range has Soil Association approval for use in organic farming systems.  LimeX has been used as a sustainable soil-forming material in brownfield restoration, to simultaneously amend pH and supply useful plant nutrients. Most recently, LimeX has been used directly by the mushroom-casing industry for mushroom production and is an essential ingredient to good casing.

tractor spreading LimeX on agricultural land

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