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Around 9,000 different firms are involved in the UK beet sugar supply chain, which is recognised as an important part of the rural economy.

UK sugar beet productivity has increased by 50% since 1987, and now averages 10 tonnes of sugar/hectare. This performance is consistently ranked in the top quartile of EU producers, and is comparable with sugar cane productivity in Brazil. Sugar beet is recognised as one of the most financially secure major arable crops in the UK and around 3,600 growers receive a guaranteed price, with terms and conditions negotiated by the NFU via an Inter-Professional Agreement.

British Sugar is the sole processer of the UK’s sugar beet crop and the company remains one of the largest single customers for the engineering sector in the East of England. Likewise, the company’s spend on transport and contractors make it a major customer for many businesses.

As a supplier, we have achieved UK market leading positions for our sugar, TOPSOIL and LimeX, often providing new quality levels for existing markets. We have achieved success through identifying and developing product ranges which offer value to both British Sugar and our customers.

This approach can be seen in our TOPSOIL range, where customers in leisure and amenity industries require product for use in a public space. They have a duty of care and require a fertile topsoil product, which is clean and ‘sharps-free’. Our manufacturing process ensures consistent quality, so customers no longer need to carry out additional and costly stone-picking operations. Each year we recycle and sell 300,000 tonnes of soil which comes from the processing of beet.  By doing this we ensure that the soil is reused sustainably and not sent to landfill.

Our activities were recognised in 2009 when British Sugar was named the East of England’s ‘Business of the Year by Business Weekly.

British Sugar recieves Business of the year award